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Exella Education

Get the privilege of a wide variety of choices in the rich education system of USA. Study in world ranked universities and lay a foundation for a better future. Get your Graduation or Masters in the courses you wish. Explore the possibilities of getting grants and scholarships. Know more about opportunities to work and study




Exella Education

With some of the top universities, Canada is one coveted destination to pursue your further studies. Study in universities with numerous course options, great academics, and an opportunity to build a prosperous and secure future. Know more about grants, scholarships,and admission procedures.




Exella Education

Get higher education in one of the most preferred countries.Australia offers some of the finest facilities for international students.Be among the few to avail of these facilities including quality education,well designed electives,scholarships,accommodation,and work opportunities.Build a future you always dreamed of



New Zealand

Exella Education

The picturesque country of New Zealand invites you to a rewarding journey of advanced education! With world standard quality frameworks, higher education in New Zealand is a great opening for you to get your Graduation or Masters from prestigious universities and an opportunity to work and study




Exella Education

Philippines’s vibrant culture and prosperous economy is just the right place for you to become an internationally educated student.Higher education in Philippines is recognized the world over for its high standards and quality.It offers a wide variety of courses for international students especially Indians.


Progressive Programs

Admission Guidance

Among the numerous courses in a variety of universities, it might be tough to choose the right course. With years of experience in overseas education guidance, we offer the best options for you keeping in mind your qualifications, academics and aspirations. Get in touch now.

Scholarship Guidance

For students and their families with dreams of overseas education, one of the main concerns is to get scholarships and grants. Various universities in numerous countries offer great scholarships for international students. Get the proper guidance regarding eligibility, supporting documentation, and other vital requirements. Visit our office today.

Visa Assistance

Getting a visa to the country of your choice to pursue your higher education is not a cakewalk all the while. Get expert assistance in the procedures, requirements, and documentation. We have vast experience in assisting students to procure visas for various countries. Call us.

Travel Assistance

One of our major activities involves providing travel assistance to students embarking on a journey for overseas education. With our alliance with many travel agencies, and countries, we have the wherewithal to provide the best assistance for you. Call us now.

Forex Assistance

One of the major hurdles for many students flying abroad for higher education is the want of forex. No more last minute hiccups, no more running around. We provide you one of the best forex assistance for you to pursue your higher education. Call us to know more.

Predeparture Guidance

Before you go to the country of your choice for higher education, one vital service you need is pre-departure guidance. Aspects of culture, values, laws, and the general life of a student are explained in detail. For a pre-departure session call us today..


Exella Education

Exella Education is an overseas educational consultant organization based at Hyderabad, dedicated towards providing education consultant services to Indian students in making education avenues abroad accessible to them.



Exella Education

Unless the ‘career’ is carefully charted, education’s value is lost. At Exella, we not only guide students to plan their education, but also direct their ideas towards career planning, which is the ultimate goal for them.

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Exella Education

Exella has professionals in its ranks that have versatile qualifications and experience to suggest right career options. We also have latest data, updated regularly, which provides necessary inputs on the opportunities. Get the guidance and services for abroad education.