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Wonder Down Under, Australia is one of the wealthiest and technologically sophisticated countries in the World. Unspoiled white sand beaches ladling turquoise waters, vast scenic coastline, the world's largest marine ecosystem the Great Barrier Reef and Sydney Opera House to show off, Australia is most popular with students.

Australian Universities offer international students plethora of learning options: associate, bachelor, master and PhD degrees. Affordable academic programs in business, engineering, medicine, humanities and tourism are offered by universities and colleges across the country. Numerous scholarships funded by the government of Australia and private schools are available for eligible students.

Indian students make up about tenth of Australia's student population. And that is soon going to change with the lower visa assessment levels and new visa application rules introduced by the Australian government which requires less documentation and financial support from international students.

Moreover, Australia is a hot favourite destination to pursue further education for many Indians who wish to have international education and later opt to settle in Schengen countries, USA, or Canada. Australia offers good international education along with great career opportunities in medicine, engineering, mining, IT and many other sectors.

We at Exella have a long relationship with Australian Universities and are aware of the educational system there. We at Exella have assisted many Indian students to gain admission in many courses in coveted Australian Universities.