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Reckoned as the world's second largest land mass, Canada is huge. Going the breath of it, you crisscross six time zones, pristine glacial peaks and ice fields, unending greenery and massive mountains. It has the world's largest coastline, with more lakes than the lakes of the world combined. Yes, it speaks English and French.

Canada is the world's most educated country with half of its residents being college grads. Its universities are highly renowned for their quality education with no less than 12 making into the Times Higher Education Supplement Top 200 every year.

The education system is not centralized, but is administrated under the jurisdiction of each of its provinces. Students can pick from thousands of undergraduate and graduate programs offered across 92 plus universities and 175 community colleges.

With its distinguished universities, you'll not only gain tangible degrees and certificates, but you'll gain a whole new life. Your experience as a student there says who you are. You'll be equipped with advanced language skills, soak in an inter cultural experience, have access to advanced technology and research and be adept at the most modern practices in your field. In one word, you become an opportunity magnet.

Canada is fast gaining as India's favourite study hub. As cost of education compared to US is cheaper and procuring a work permit post graduation is easier it wouldn't be surprising if Canada supplants US as the choice study destination for Indians.

There are numerous universities in Canada that welcome Indian students, but they require proper documents and processing. We at Exella provide you with guidance and services that allows you to get admission in a prestigious university in Canada.