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Canada is a vibrant country with its rich multi-culture and multi-diversity, and also flourished with ultra-modern cities, opulent infrastructure and vast wilderness. The country is forefront in technology and innovations and it has consistently been one of the leading countries in providing high-level international education. The coastline of the country is worlds longest houses serene beaches, lucid water consists of a wide variety of aqua life, tiny cum big fish, plankton, urchins, sea lions, and sea stars and whales. The multi-culture and multi-diversity is because of thousands of students from numerous countries thronging to Canada each year to shape their future career across educational institutions of Canada, which are very spacious with large campus areas embedded with greenery, trees, large buildings and world-class amenities. The universities and colleges of Canada are integrated with a good teaching and learning system to facilitate students to gain ample knowledge. Despite of bookish knowledge, the academic tutors and lecturers focus majorly on research and practical methods. The institutions of Canada witnesses and encourages multi-cultural environment, students come from different places across the globe; an Indian student will come across Canadians, Americans, Chinese, Polish, Spanish, Greek and Russians, and many other places as well. The welcoming environment is an incredible opportunity for a newbie to mingle with new people, learning new things cum new cultures, and also gain valuable experiences. The degrees, certificates issued by Canada educational institutions are considered most-valued in Indian firms. A wide-variety degree programs are offered, from Science, Technology, Health to Environmental and many specialized courses. The cost of education and living is affordable. There is no language barrier. English is widely spoken across Canada and all the academic programs are taught in English, this is a big advantage for Indians to communicate easily with people, students and lecturers. And also open doors for easy learning. Apart from English, French language is also widely spoken and taught across Canada and institutions. An interested candidate can learn and improve French as well. Canada assures high quality of life with great social benefits cum world-class facilities and high standard education with huge student benefits and awesome universities/colleges, and is one of the safest country in the world with low crime rates and the economy is world’s second strongest. As per the Global Peace Index ratings, Canada is among the top 10 safest countries globally. Not only education but Canada also offers immense possibilities for entertainment too for students. There is exciting and beautiful life outside the institutions to explore. There are a variety of tourist destinations across the vast county; one can enjoy The Olympic sports facilities, museums, concert halls, seasonal festivals, art galleries and exhilarating nightlife. And also offers many outdoor activities and adventurous sports like skiing, rafting, hiking, camping, climbing, sightseeing, and even popular ice yachting. One can witness the amazing assortment of natural beauty of Canada which boasts thick forests, charming lakes, adventurous water paths and falls, rugged hills, and wildlife comprising wide variety of flora and fauna.

  • The most interesting places to visit in Canada
  • Niagara Falls and Montmorency Falls
  • CN Tower
  • Queen Charlotte Islands
  • Whistler
  • Cavendish Beach
  • Banff National Park and Auyuittug National Park
  • Capilano Suspension Bridge
  • Dempster Highway
  • Castle Butte
  • St.John’s
  • Tofino
  • Churchill
  • Okanagan Valley
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