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Our counselling team has real time experience in this field and are incredibly qualified at what they do. These counsellors provide free, unconditional and absolute advice to everyone associated with us about any of the services we provide. We are always on the observatory to provide our clients practical solutions from our experience.

Course Selection :

The most important part in planning higher education is to discover a course that is perfect for the student in every believable way. It should not only be something that you are interested in but also something that will hold you in good position moving forward in your career. Moreover, your academic qualifications should be satisfactory and your potential for financial should be equal to the responsibility of paying the fees of the program. Finding a course that meets all benchmark is difficult, but this is exactly what our counsellors at Exella are trained to do.

Country Selection :

The next step after having selected the relevant course for the student, it is important to select the right place. Each country has its own individual features and should be carefully counterbalance against your requirements. Different countries may have different standards of education in different sectors. At Exella we are systematically updated with the modification in the education system, laws and conversion rates, among a variety of other aspects of all the countries we are dealing with. This makes it easier for us to help the students about the most fitting country for them to pursue the program of their preference.

University selection:

Our associations with reputed education institutions, universities and colleges around the world opens up a world of opportunities for students. It gives our clients a vast range of choice of destinations.

Application documentation:

The first impact of submitting application to any university or education institution about you is through your application. This impression will carry a lot of weight when you are being considered for admission. It is for this reason that the application needs to be drafted with great care and should have all the necessary documents carefully presented with it. Our counsellors are always on hand to make sure that the documentation and application are exactly as they are supposed to be. When the student finally receives their admission documents from the university they have need to prepare and apply for the visa. The visa is granted or refused on the basis of this application. This makes the application and the ancillary documentation absolutely pivotal to your efforts of securing a visa to another country.

VISA Training:

Applying for the visa, according to most applicants, is an arduous task. The visa applications are notably examined by the authorities and should meet all of their checkpoints before they are approved. Over and above this the applicants are also required to give a personal interview with the representatives of the country you are applying to at their embassy.We ensure that students are thoroughly prepared for all the possible questions may be asked in the interview. There are comprehensive training sessions where the applicant is given a number of tips and techniques to help them fly through the interview.

Pre-Departure Guidance:

Once the admission has been secured and the visa has been granted, the only thing left to do is to fly to your chosen destination. While this is an exciting time for the applicant, there is still a lot that needs to be done. There are a number of details that one should be careful of before they take the big leap of leaving for foreign shores. The institutes we represent follow strict guidelines in terms of taking care of the students who have come overseas. They are very careful about dealing with any problem the students face when they are there and are prompt in their actions.


Air Ticketing :

We try and work out options for the most cost-effective deal to book your air tickets. We make sure that you are all set for your flights with a secure and relatively inexpensive booking by picking up early discounts and deals.

Travel and Health Insurance:

We are well-connected with registered insurance officials, agents who provide authentic insurance options. Facing medical issues abroad can be very expensive, treatments and health related services are always on the higher cost bracket. In such cases it becomes crucial for the individual to have the necessary insurance. The key here is to find the right kind of policy and we help our clients find exactly that.

Accommodation :

we make arrangements for your stay. Off-campus accommodations are available at good rates in most countries. Finding them before you reach the destination country, however, may be difficult. Which is why we have made associations with various accommodation providers who can help you select a place to stay. We keep a tab on these resources from India in order to make sure that you are only getting the best possible services.