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AIRC-American International Recruitment Council

A non-profit membership association recognized by the U.S. Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission, AIRC refers to The American International Recruitment Council, founded in 2008 by senior U.S. education leaders. It protects and oversee the interests of both abroad students and enrolling educational institutions through the promotion of ethical, standards-based international recruitment strategies. AIRC supervises the issues relating to international student enrollment and takes part in maintaining high standards for international student placement across the USA (United States of America). AIRC offers independent certification of recruitment agencies, the model they are applying is- accreditation model. AIRC works on the motive of internationalization of U.S. institutions of higher education; they take it as a key work. What involves is-attracting foreign students belonging to other nations by matching a student-institution of USA's credentials and policies respectively. The interests of a Student and an educational institution will play an important role here. . The AIRC is controlled by accredited United States post-secondary educational institutions.

The Main Intentions:

To Improving the standards of ethical practice, related to abroad student recruitment to American institutions. I.e. developing the quality of educational organizations (be it school, college or universities) and recruitment agencies or agents To developing the standards in practices and training concerned international student recruitment agents and institutions for better services to students who are willing for admission in educational organizations of United States. Designing a framework through which agents certify their work. Even, the institutions may conduct other activities which are useful to accomplish its goals

AIRC membership:

Accredited U.S. Post-Secondary Institutions
Non-U.S. Secondary and Post-Secondary Institutions
U.S Secondary Schools
Pathway Programs Providers
AIRC Certified Student Recruitment Agencies.

AIRC Standards Set:

AIRC Certification Commission which includes monitors and reviews t The Certification Standards based on a periodic basis as determined by the AIRC directors. The Certification Standards are stated declaratively and will not involve instructions on how the agency has to respond.
  • Standard 1 :-  Organizational Effectiveness
  • Standard 2 :-  Integrity of Recruitment Process
  • Standard 3 :-  Student and Family Engagement Pre- and Post-Enrollment
  • Standard 4 :-  Institutional Engagement Pre- and Post-Recruitment
  • Standard 5 :-  Complaints Process