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When the CORONA Ends?! World in War Zone

The large group of viruses which is creating shivers across the world in recent days is none other than Corona, a deadly disease that was first evolved in China and later spread to other countries. Coronavirus has spread over 88,000 plus people worldwide, resulting in 3,000 deaths and more. The popular yet disturbing statement circling across social media and TV media- “The Corona is on every continent except Antarctica”. Means “Corona is everywhere where humans existed”. This is a very horrific situation.

Corona First Outbreak: A Messy ‘Meat Market’-Animals Meat-Most of the World Never Thought Of

The virus outbreak was first identified in December in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China. The entire city has been locked down for more than a month. Reports indicate that the Corona virus originated from the Chinese wet market-Huanan, situated in Wuhan city. The live animal and seafood market, Huanan gained vast media and people attention for its messy grubby environment packed with the meat of animals we never thought of, in even unconscious state. Though the busy market has been shut down after the outbreak, the visuals (aired in all sorts of media) showing meat of dogs, bats, rats, foxes, hedge dogs and reptiles like snakes are still very disturbing.

What is Conona and How it Attacks??

CoronaVirus comes under the Zoonotic category, which means it is transmitted between animals and humans. The attack of Corona causes severe respiratory illness and causes death in majority cases, and the major symptoms include common cold, fever, cough and breathing difficulties. These symptoms (very similar to common cold and flu) do not necessarily mean you are infected. A Lab test will confirm whether a person (having symptoms or belonging to an infected place) is infected or not. In more severe cases, infection results in severe acute respiratory issues, failure of kidney, multiple organs damage, and even death.

Corona Types:

There are three types--Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS), Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), and the latest one (COVID-19) is new in the league that hasn’t infected people in the past. SARS transmits from civet cats to humans, while MERS from dromedary camels to humans.

How to Prevent CORONA??

Few basic steps yet crucial can reduce the risk of Corona attack and its wide spread. Do regular hand washing, cover your face with any mask or cloth, cook meat and eggs thoroughly and stay away from the persons with respiratory illness, coughing and sneezing. These standard health tips help in blocking the expansion of infection at least

Corona-Global Pandemic: Countries in Risk

In Mainland China, there are 80,422 confirmed cases so far, deaths mounted to 2984 (including 2 in Hongkong and 1 in Taiwan). As per the new report, 119 new cases have been confirmed and 38 have died As of today, the number of people in South Korea who got infected has reached 5,300 and the death toll is 32. 516 are new cases so far. On wednesday, president Moon Jae-in declared war against Corona and ordered 24-hour alert. The government will spend 9.82 billion US dollars to fight against this dangerous infection South Korea on Wednesday proposed an extra budget of 11.7 trillion won (9.82 billion U.S. dollars) to battle the spread of the novel coronavirus as well as minimize economic fallout from the epidemic 1000 cases in Japan, including 700 people from a cruise ship that was quarantined near Tokyo. The two major air services of Japan, Japan Airlines Co. and All Nippon Airways Co reduced domestic flights, will come into effect from March 6 to 12 In the USA, 9 deaths reported. 120 are tested positive In Iran, around 77 deaths have been reported. One of the employees of the World Health Organization (WHO) in Iran also got infected. The officials released around 54,000 prisoners temporarily to prevent the spread of virus Currently, 41 cases tested positive across Australia In New Zealand, 2 cases are confirmed. The new and second case is a woman, who recently arrived from Italy In Malaysia, 36 cases have been reported, including 7 new UK and Canada reported 12 and 33 cases respectively

CORONA Havoc in India: Is this just a beginning??

India is in a safe situation so far, but not now. Situations are changing day to day, panic everywhere across the nation. India is now witnessing a dreadful situation because of this terrifying disease, Corona, which has entered the subcontinent taking the death toll to around 28, which lists 16 italian tourists. Reports say, the number might increase. It is creating panic and havoc across the nation.The government advised the public to follow the standard recommendations to terminate the flow of disease. Let's hope-the virus Corona ends its attack and there will be a vaccine soon