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USA: Multi & Cross-Cultural

Most importantly, Students will experience the multi-cultural society and multi-cultural colleges/universities plus new world of colours ever experienced. If it is first time visiting America, the cultural gap is evident, since the United States is a diverse nation encompassing many different cultural backgrounds,and also individual differences. An Indian student will witness more Non-Americans i.e. people from China, Israel, Australia, Canada, New-Zealand, Brazil and even India and may more countries.

  • Connects India-USA

American lifestyle can be confusing and even more challenging for a newbie. Completely different lifestyle, completely different environment and completely different people Don’t get shocked or surprised or confused!!!! Indian students have a tendency to connect and adapt more quickly to the abroad conditions and learn new cultures. Indians connect easily with people belonging to diverse educational and cultural backgrounds of USA.

Try New Things, Try New Styles and Mingle with New People and Study/Perform well in course curriculum and enrich your Student Life in USAamid varieties of food, rich art, entertainment, celebrations with new friends from various countries and first-rate education and enormous landscapes and buildings.

Must Visit in USA

1. Statue of Liberty
2.Empire State Building
3.Time square
4.Niagara Falls
5.Grand Canyon in Arizona
6.Las Vegas Strip
7.The Golden Gate Bridge of San Francisco
8.Yosemite National Park
9.Central park
10.Zion National Park
11.Glacier National Park
12.Walt Disney World Resort
14.Universal Studios
15.MGM Grand
16.French Quarter
and many more alluring tourist places
File Visa and Book Tickets and Step-in charming America.

USA Climate:

Indian people will surely get exposed to the cultural differences and distinctive lifestyle, and plus climatic conditions, certainly a lot more.

The atmosphere and weather conditions vary with the places across America.Being a vast country, a wide variety of climate is seen across United States.United States generally comprise of 5 regions, they are the Northeast, the Southeast, the Southwest, the West, and the Midwest, experiences distinct climatic conditions.

Northeast: Cold winters and semi-humid summers.The temperature even records below zero degrees Fahrenheit.
West Coast Cool/wet winters and warm/cool summers. The temperature most often lies between 35-60 degreesFahrenheitnorth.
Southeast Humid and sub-tropical climate i.e. warm winters and very hot summers.Average temperatures will be over 90 degrees Fahrenheit.
Midwest Humid and Hot summers,and cool winters which are much colder than Southeast.Before planning to travel, enquire with residents or/and friends staying there or/and do research on web about the climate as well.

Accommodation USA

Before traveling or after traveling or during the traveling process, generally, it’s very common for a fresher student to feel more tense (even a sense of shiver)about where to stay.It’s quite possible and real as well to undergo stress about Accommodation. There will be numerous sources to stay in America for a student.
Plan and Choose Accommodation Early and Wisely
The options include
Home stays
Once the student got an admission in U.S. university or college or school, international student office or the admissions department will send the respective candidate a pre-departure orientation kit which boasts of information about various accommodation types.
The universities offer accommodation for new foreign students in the campus itself. It includes dormitories and residence halls, which are clean, safe and nearer or at least a minimum distance to the classrooms, cafeteria, library and other facilities. Though the cost will be little more, most of the freshman prefer On-campus stay in terms of security and easy access. Traveling will not be a problem for On-campus students, as one will reside within the campus premises and easily accessible to all the facilities from food to laundry and even classrooms. Probably, no need to own a car.
Dormitories in large buildings encompassing many rooms for stay, large halls and large washrooms with showers and toilets. Few are equipped with pool tables, game rooms, and a large TV screen, and even a gym. Utilities such as net, electricity, and telephone possibly are free of cost. Whether few universities might charge small fee for the cable or internet connection.
The universities across USA offer convenient food program, the new student has to pay in advance certain amount of money for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.

Off-campus accommodation includes leasing an apartment, a room or a house. Students who prefer privacy, or even socializing and eager to explore the American culture and lifestyle will choose Off-campus stay. Furthermore, the cheaper accommodation cost compared to On-campus is also the reason to opt for off-campus. In general, a student shares the apartment with friends, seniors or fellow students to minimize the living expenses plus rent cost. The rent price of an apartment varies significantly from one place to another depending on the demand. Apart from fellow students or friends, the off-campus housing office helps you in finding an appropriate house or apartment to live. The local newspaper will also incorporate rent apartment listings.
Students buy groceries from the nearest stores and cook together with their own sumptuous healthy food. Cooking in bulk saves penny and time, and also improves togetherness among the students.
Over the weekend, Clean the apartment-Roam across streets-Have food outside-and Jump over tonight party. It’s an easy task to host a party in off-campus which is not possible in On-campus, though there are few guidelines.