Privacy Policy

Group Exxeella perceives that your security is critical to you and that you are worried about how your data is utilized and shared on the web. We regard and appreciate the protection of every individual who utilizes Our Site, and we will just gather and use data in manners that are helpful to you and as per your legitimate privileges and obligations.

You are entrusting us with your personal information when you utilize our services. We recognize that this is a significant responsibility, and we work hard to protect your data and give you control. This Privacy Policy is intended to assist you in understanding what information we collect, why we gather it, and how you may access, update, manage, export, and delete it.

Data our consultancy collects

We want you to be aware of the many types of information we gather while you use our services so that we can deliver better services to all of our users. We collect our client or student's personal information like the phone number for effective communication which as well might be accessed by the counsellor for OTPs, URL links, or DUO push codes that the Universities might send post-registration and application. We also collect or create a new email id which shall be maintained by both the student and the counsellor for timely follow-ups with the aspired universities as we might require to mail the university admissions team for any discrepancies in the whole application process. Apart from this prominent information, we acquire basic data like Name, Family name, current address, permanent address, family contacts, email ids, copy of passport, resume, curriculum vitae, official transcripts, scorecards of GRE/TOEFL/IELTS/DUOLINGO, etc., extracurricular activities certificates of the student, Experience or Internship certificates, any other prominent certificates that adds on to the student’s profile.

  • Educational transcripts, certificates.
  • Experience, Internship, other activities certificates
  • Exam scorecards
  • Passport
  • Resume and CV

Our Team also assists our clients with visa slot booking and DS-160 form filling services and provides mock sessions for the Interviews too to train and achieve 99 % visa guarantee. [Only if our Student/ Client want to avail this service]

Apart from the services mentioned above, we guide our students with all the best choices he/she can ever make, we make their masters journey smooth and counsel them and clear their doubts spontaneously.

Why Team Exxeella collects information from the Clients/ Students

1. Provide our services

For providing the university application services we acquire the data in a very secured way with the consent of our Clients/ Students like mentioned above.

2. Maintain and improve our services

We also use your information to ensure that our services are functioning properly and to troubleshoot issues that you submit to us through conflict resolution and feedback.

3. Develop new Services

With your effective feedbacks and inquiries based on your specifications, supply & demand we customize our services and personalize it according to your desires.

4. Evaluate our Administration

With your valuable feedback and successful admissions, we use it as a measure of our performance which we narrate to the upcoming aspirants based on your experience.

Privacy Controls

You can wish to change/ remove your data with us post admissions as soon as you fly abroad & clear our payments. You may always go to our website to examine and update information or you can talk to your assigned counsellor.

Sharing your information

Under any circumstances no information of yours shall be shared by our counsellor to anybody unless you consent so. Non-personally identifiable information may be shared publicly and with our partners, such as publishers, marketers, developers, and rights holders. We, for example, make information available to the public to demonstrate trends in the general usage of our services. For external processing, based on our instructions and in line with our Privacy Policy and any other applicable confidentiality and security measures, we provide personal information to our affiliates and other trusted organisations or individuals to handle it for us. For example, Bank Agent for Loan Processing.

Data Security

We work extremely hard to protect your data from unauthorized accesses as the information is strictly limited to the office only during the office hours and is password protected.

This Privacy Policy applies to all of Team Exxeella and affiliates' services, including both the branches of Hyderabad and Vijayawada. This Privacy Policy is updated regularly. Without your specific agreement, we will not limit your rights under this Privacy Policy. We always include the date on which the most recent modifications were made, as well as access to previous versions for your inspection. We'll make a more prominent announcement if the modifications are noteworthy.